James bond poker scene

james bond poker scene

Last hand of the poker tournament in the movie Casino Royale (), in which Daniel Craig aka James Bond beats the bad guy Le Chiffre and grabs $. Poker is prominent in the James Bond film "Casino Royale," to illustrate why, let's take a look at the climactic poker scene in the film. This is the exciting last poker scenes from Casino Royale movie.

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I've played too much. Except I think the point of that scene is that Mike is too caught up in his hand to think about the rest of the cards. It's not simply about the hand -- it's about LeChiffre. It's sort of a cardinal rule in tournament play against short stacks -- you do NOT BLUFF over short stacks, since you can't beat them with weak hands. It's not unreasonable for ten, twenty million dollar pots to be seen. The whole time, Mike is thinking that KGB thinks his nut flush is good, and that KGB is trying to trick Mike into thinking that KGB is bluffing. I cant imagine any pro folding in that situation. We just know that Bond has a strong hand, one so strong that he's confident he can beat TWO all ins AND face LeChiffre's. His position is the best thing he's got going on with that hand--he's on the button, not Bond. Not only that, you come out and say someone has to be "PSYCHIC" to make a fold like. William Hill is one of the biggest gambling companies erotische online spiele the world.

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Whether A-8 or trips, LeChiffre has more outs than Bond and doesn't need to hit them to beat him. Bond might worry about the higher flush, but he has almost 10x the amount of the short stacks, and he can still beat the flush draws on a non spade straight. I dont have any interest in teaching randoms basics about poker. Therefore Bond is likely to be bluffing. How this got past LeChiffre, I don't know how. The second ace comes on the river.

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Σταργαμεσ Very short handed like that, you would probably expect bond to have the flush. As in, if KGB actually had the flushMikey was thinking that typicallyKGB would value bet it with maybe a 3k landwirt spiele into k. This was an attempt to capitalize on the widespread popularity of poker at the time, and thus led to several scenes in the film where Bond and his enemies engaged in battle on the felt. Watch the final table from the WSOP a few years back at its apex and the last few hands are for millions and millions of dollars because the two players effectively have EVERY dollar cherrycasino everybody that entered into the tournament. Speaking of etiquette, how about that showdown? Bond wouldn't chase a 4 s or 9 s or any spade for that much money, and would fold. How this got past LeChiffre, I don't know .


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